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Happy 60th Anniversary, CTV Regina CKCK-TV.

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The gang at Java Post Production wants to wish a very happy 60th anniversary to CTV Regina (also known as CKCK-TV). Today marks 60 years of broadcasting from the little television station on the eastern outskirts of Regina, Saskatchewan.There are dozens of former CKCK-TV/CTV Regina employees working in the broadcasting, advertising, production and film industries across Canada. In fact, there are...
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Just another beautiful Saskatchewan day shooting UAV aerials for "Corner Gas: The Movie."

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Earlier this week, "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe (our boss, co-producer and certified UAV pilot) Tom Davidson (UAV camera operator), and co-producer Rob de Lint from Vérité Films were out in the fields near Lang, Saskatchewan, shooting some more UAV aerials for Corner Gas: The Movie. As you can see from these photos, it was just a beautiful day to have our Javacopter up in the...
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Editing for "Corner Gas: The Movie" heads back East.


While Corner Gas: The Movie was shooting principal photography here in Saskatchewan, Editor Craig Webster and Assistant Editor Doug Caron were tucked into some unused Java Post Production office space, where they busily edited scenes from the movie as the shooting was progressing.Now that principal photography has wrapped, Craig and Doug are packing up their editing gear and heading back to...
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