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Java Post continues to invest in HDR technology!

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Java Post Production strives to offer feature film, documentary, television, and commercial producers the latest and greatest creative tools to make their projects look just the way they envisioned them...or even better.

In that spirit, Java Post has just invested in another top-of-the-line piece of post-production gear: a Flanders Scientific XMP310 31.5″ UHD QD-OLED HDR/SDR Reference Display. In non-tech speak, it's an awesomely accurate, cutting edge, high dynamic range, program mastering monitor that will help Java Post Production make your project look amazing!

As more and more producers, directors, DOPs, and clients want their projects finished in HDR (High Dynamic Range), monitoring the final colour grading and mastering processes is critical to delivering the final HRD image. That's where this latest investment by Java Post Production will pay off for those producers.

And, if this monitor was a Formula One car, we've got a very skilled driver behind the wheel. Java Post's chief colourist, "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe, is officially certified in the industry's premiere HDR format - DolbyVision HRD - and he's got the talent, creativity, and years of experience to bring out the best in your HDR project.

Contact Java Post Production today and let's plan the HDR post-production for your next film, TV series, or commercial project.

Gord King (left) and Java Post Production's DolbyVision HDR-certified chief colourist, Jack Tunnicliffe, install the new Flanders HDR monitor in Jack's DaVinci colour grading suite.

We could bore you with technical details, such as how the accurate per-pixel level luminance control of QD-OLED results in true black levels with minimized bright objection or motion artifact limitations (when compared with FALD – full array local dimming LCDs). Or that Flanders Scientific claims this improves highlight detail by reducing backlight zone flaring, and minimizes halation and color shifts.

Or we could drone on about how this is a 31.5″ UHD resolution (3840×2160) HDR and SDR reference monitor with 1,000 nits peak luminance, 1.5 million:1 contrast, and a wide color gamut, offering 1,073 billion (with a "B") colors at 10-bit color depth.

The big picture is this: Java Post Production can help you make your feature film, documentary, TV series, or commercial project look it's absolute best, with glorious High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. created by our own certified DolbyVision HDR colourist.

Contact Java Post Production today and let's plan the HDR post-production for your next film, TV series, or commercial project.





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