Make your feature film, TV series, or video project look its best!

Experienced, award-winning post production, colour correction, VFX, and deliverables for feature films, TV series, and documentaries. Plus, Canada-wide certified aerial drone photography and award-winning video production for commercial, industrial, digital advertising, live sports, and web projects.


Java Post Production Feature Work

Java Post Production and Java Post Aerial Photography have a great deal of experience working on both the production and post-production sides of feature-length movie and documentary projects, as well as television series production.

Java Post has added its creative talents to feature-length projects such as Cagefighter: Worlds Collide, Corner Gas: The Movie, A Score to Settle, Supergrid, The Recall, Daughter of the Wolf, A Secret Love, Distorted, Wings Over Water (IMAX), A.R.C.H.I.E., Shadow of Dumont, and nipawistamasowin: We Will Stand Up, to name just a few.

Whether your project requires professional, Canada-wide certified aerial photography during the shooting phase...or seamless visual effects, colour correction/grading, online editing, mastering, and final theatrical file outputs for domestic and international distribution during the post-production phase, Java Post is your one-call solution. 

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