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About Photogrammetry

What is photogrammetry and how can it help my business?

CLICK HERE TO TRY OUT A JAVA POST 3D PHOTOGRAMMETRY MODEL ON YOUR COMPUTER OR PHONE. Use your mouse, track pad, or finger swipes to zoom, rotate, and move through the 3D model.

In this introductory video, Jack Tunnicliffe – the owner, chief colourist, and primary UAV pilot at Java Post Production and Java Post Aerial Photography – explains the basic process of Photogrammetry, where aerial and ground-based photos are knitted together to create an accurate 3D map of an area.

Photogrammetry allows Java Post clients to view areas - industrial sites, mines, new construction developments, and so on - in photo-accurate 3D and make extremely precise measurements of objects within the area. 

Combined with Java Post Production's extensive experience in 3D visual modeling, our photogrammetry clients can also bring NEW 3D elements into an existing area, such as a 3D mock-up of a proposed building.

If you would like to learn more about how Java Post's photogrammetric services can assist your surveying, mapping, construction, development, mining, or industrial business, please CLICK HERE TO CONTACT JAVA POST.