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We're celebrating our new 3-Province Transport Canada SFOC by adding a new logo on our website!

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Java Post Aerial Photography is very pleased to announce that our open Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada has now been expanded to include all three Prairie provinces - Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Additionally, because of Java Post's flight experience and professional reputation, our expanded open permit from Transport Canada continues to provide us with special permission to fly within the otherwise-restricted 9-kilometre aerodrome operating radius.  This is a feature not offered by many other UAV drone photography companies.

To celebrate our expanded certification for Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba - and also just because we wanted to - we've added the Java Post Aerial Photography logo to the top of our company website, and we've created a special new web page designed specifically to give an overview of our UAV drone services.

Film, television, sports and events, tourism, agriculture, construction, real estate, oil and gas, mining, surveying, forestry - if your industry needs "eyes in the sky," Java Post Aerial Photography is a fantastic tool to get your job done, with a unique perspective that will add stunning visuals to any creative production.

Our credits include aerial work for companies such as SaskPower, the Mosaic Company, Dufferin Construction, K+S Potash, Tourism Saskatchewan, Hipperson Construction, Sheppard Realty, the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC), the Global Transportation Hub, and Harbour Landing (real estate development) to name a few.

We also filmed all the aerial footage for the recent cult horror/comedy movie WolfCop, and all the aerial footage for the hit Canadian comedy feature film Corner Gas: The Movie.  By the way, we also did all the Visual FX and colour correction for that project.

PLUS Java Post Aerial Photography is backed by the extensive, decades-long production experience of Java Post Production, one of the finest post-production facilities in Western Canada.

Java Post Aerial's a whole new way to look at your next project. Contact us today and let's make flight plans together!


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