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Java Post Aerial Footage in Hit Werewolf Horror-Comedy Feature "WolfCop."

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According to one film reviewer, "WolfCop (a film about a werewolf that's also a cop) is one of those movies that are awesome simply for existing...WolfCop is pure, deliciously gory entertainment."

The horror-comedy movie WolfCop is taking a big bite out of the werewolf genre and Java Post Production was pleased to lend our UAV aerial photography skills to the making of this Saskatchewan-based feature film. 

"It was great working with Java Post on WolfCop," enthused the film's director, Lowell Dean. "They came in and shot some beautiful aerial shots that not only showcased Moose Jaw, but also upped the production value of our little movie!"

Click on the Related Project video link to watch some of the aerials taken for the movie with our Java Post "Javacopter."

Java Post Production recently became one of only a few commercial UAV aerial photography services in Canada to receive an open permit from Transport Canada. To learn more about that, CLICK HERE.

To read a great review of WolfCop, CLICK HERE.

From left to right, Javacopter camera operator, Trevor Bennett, and pilot, Jack Tunnicliffe, get ready to shoot some aerials for WolfCop.

Trevor and Jack: eyes on the monitors, fingers on the camera and flight controls.

Javacopter pilot Jack Tunnicliffe, with the Javacopter hovering in the distance.

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