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"Corner Gas: The Movie" effects work continues at Java Post.

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The special visual effects work for Corner Gas: The Movie has been proceeding at Java Post for several weeks now and it's been fun to walk by the offices of our animators Kevin (pictured right) and Tomás (pictured left) to get a sneak peek at some of the hush-hush visuals that will be revealed on the big screen in a couple of months.

I mean, when we saw the shot of Brent with the...nope, better not mention that. And then there was the scene with Wanda, where that thing starts...hmm, can't talk about that either. Well, you'll just have to trust us. It all looks really cool.

Of course, there are lots of other visual effects that we are doing for the movie that won't make the audience go "wow." In fact, the whole point of many visual effects shots is to go completely unnoticed, so that the viewer can remain totally immersed in the Corner Gas world. To reinforce that point, our animators like to occasionally call passing coworkers into their edit suites and challenge us to find the visual effect in a shot.

To their dismay, I guessed correctly. Once. And only because I saw them working on that shot the day before. Apparently, that rendered my guess invalid.

Animators can be so picky about the little details.

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