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Trade and Export Development (TED) DEEP Earth Energy

See why DEEP Earth Energy chose to do business in Saskatchewan. This is one of a series of long-form videos and 30-second commercials produced by Java Post Production for the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development #ThinkSask "Strong, Sustainable, Saskatchewan" campaign.

This series of videos highlights why international investors and buyers should do business in Saskatchewan, as we hear from companies sharing their stories and advantages of doing business in the province.

These videos were also captioned into several languages for distribution to countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Client: Saskatchewan Ministry of Trade and Export Development
Featured Business: DEEP
Agency: lmno
Director: Stephen Hall
Producer/Camera: Randy Shumay
DP/Drone Pilot: Jack Tunnicliffe
Field Producer/PM: Alexa Lawlor
1st Camera Assist/Drone Camera Op: Kristine Dowler
Location Sound: Randy Woods
Hair/MU: Krista Stevenson
Editor: Doug Russell
Colourist: Jack Tunnicliffe
Audio Mix: Twisted Pair

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