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Our Work

RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon over Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Java Post Aerial Photography crew was working on a project in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada when the RE/MAX hot air balloon arrived at our shooting location. Taking advantage of this unplanned visit, our crew approached the pilot of the balloon - Zach Seibel of Sundance Balloons - and coordinated mutual flight and safety plans so that we could capture some aerial footage of the balloon as it ascended into the skies over the city.

The Java Post Aerial Photography crew utilized a longer camera lens for this particular flight, so that we could physically keep our UAV farther back from the balloon, while still capturing a good image. Shooting in 4K also allowed our editor to do a simulated camera zoom at the end of the video, even though our UAV still maintained it's safe position well out of the balloon's flight path.

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