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SaskTel 4G LTE Face

Java Post Production had fun working with our friends at MGM Communications to create this playful commercial for SaskTel's 4G LTE service. It's a spot that will (ahem) blow you away, pardon the pun.

Our model, Raya from the Edge Agency, was very patient as we aimed powerful leaf blowers at her head and proceeded to just about knock her off her chair, while we gleefully filmed everything in super slow motion at 240 frames per second. The outtakes are pretty hilarious, let me tell you!

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Production company: Java Post Production
Agency: MGM Communications
Client: SaskTel
Producer: Joan Speirs
Photographer: Randy Shumay
Model: Raya, Edge Agency
Visual effects: Tomás Ibar
Leaf blower wranglers: Jack Tunnicliffe, Trevor Bennett

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