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Corner Gas Movie VFX Demo

This video illustrates some "before-and-after" examples of the visual effects done by Java Post Production for the feature film Corner Gas: The Movie.

The visual effects (also known as "VFX") include such tasks as erasing unwanted items from the camera footage, creating 2D and 3D animated elements to enhance the raw footage, and correcting and enhancing the overall colour of each shot - a process known as colour correction or colour grading. Java Post Production utilizes a cinema-quality THX-calibrated colour correction and colour grading environment.

Although it's only illustrated in one shot at the beginning of this video, Java Post Production also shot all the aerial photography for Corner Gas: The Movie, using our Javacopter - our unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone. In addition to being a full-service film and television post production company, Java Post Production is also a fully certified aerial photography service.

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