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YQR Airport Aerials Behind-The-Scenes

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During the spring and summer of 2023, the Regina International Airport (airport code YQR) shut down their main runway for a massive renovation and Java Post Production was approached by the Regina Airport Authority to conduct aerial photography flights right out on the runway during the construction. Notice the "before/after" shots, where we flew the same precise path at different times, allowing us to create almost-seamless time transitions. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF OUR AERIAL WORK.

The airport was not shut down during our aerial photography. Not at all. Regular passenger and cargo flights continued non-stop on the second runway and Java Post worked closely with NAVCAN and the YQR control tower to ensure that all our flight operations were conducted safely.

Java Post Production is fully licensed and certified by Transport Canada for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle AKA drone) aerial photography. At this time this project was done in the spring/summer of 2023, we had already logged more than 800 hours of flight time working on feature films, commercials, national and international sports events, and industrial videos.

In fact, the Java Post Production was the first aerial photography crew given clearance to fly right at the Regina International Airport. so working on this runway reconstruction project was familiar airspace. Thanks to the Regina Airport Authority for having us back again.

Java Post Production UAV pilot: Jack Tunnicliffe
Ground coordinator/BTS photos: Doug Russell

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