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While working on "Corner Gas: The Movie," a Farmer shows us his Willys.

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Well, this doesn't happen every day.

Corner Gas: The Movie producer and Javacopter pilot, Jack Tunnicliffe, along with Kim Hall, were driving around last week near Pense, Saskatchewan, scouting out some possible UAV aerial shooting locations for Corner Gas: The Movie, when they spotted a gentleman waving to get their attention.

Turns out this gentleman's name was Bill, a farmer in the Pense area, and he wanted to show Jack and Kim his Willys.

His vintage Willys Jeep, that is.

A US auto manufacturer called Willys-Overland developed this general purpose vehicle for the US Army back in the early 1940s. Ford was the major manufacturer of the design, which was known as the GPW model: G for government contract, P for passenger vehicle and W for Willys design. One theory goes that the "GP" designation was shortened to "Jeep," from whence we get the name used today.

Jack and Kim were happy to get some photos in Bill's vehicle because, after all, it's not every day that a strange man stops you on a rural road to show you his Willys.

Jack Tunnicliffe and Kim Hall in the blue Willys Jeep.

Bill (the vehicle's owner) and Kim

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