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Virtually mounting some virtual reality cameras onto our virtual UAV. Really.

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Java Post Aerial Photography is working on some aerial camera tests for our friends at Talking Dog Studios, who are specialists in augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive 3D visuals.

In preparation for some test flying, Java Post's UAV technician and camera operator, Trevor Bennett, was tasked with replacing our UAV's usual 3-axis stabilized gimbal and camera package with a cluster of six wide angle GoPro cameras.

The six GoPro cameras - 5 facing outward and one facing straight down - are mounted so that each camera's field of view overlaps the neighbouring camera.

Once the test flight is over, Talking Dog Studios will take the images from each of the six cameras and "stitch" them together, creating a  virtual reality environment where the viewer can use a Virtual Reality Headset to look in just about any direction. Another way to view VR images like this is by scrolling up/down/left/right on a typical computer monitor, although the "virtual reality" impact is much stronger using a headset.

The only view not covered is straight up...and that's because all you'd see there is the bottom of our UAV. 

Trevor lifts up our DJI S900 UAV for a better view of the virtual reality camera cluster.

A closer look of the six GoPro cameras.

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