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UAVs in the air over Regina, Saskatchewan, for WSP Group.

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This past Monday, Java Post Aerial Photography assisted the Regina office of WSP Group to document from the air several areas of the City of Regina which WSP Group was helping to develop.

WSP Group is a home-grown Canadian multinational corporation with offices in more than a dozen countries around the globe, providing comprehensive design, construction, and operational expertise in areas such as buildings, energy, the environment, industry, mining, transportation, and infrastructure.

In other words, they're kind of a big deal. But in a very humble, get 'er done, Canadian sort of way.

One of the things that the WSP Group does here in the City of Regina is provide survey, planning, design, and contract administration services for the infrastructure that supports new subdivisions and housing developments. Jeff Halliday from the Regina office approached Java Post Aerial Photography to take aerial photos and video of several areas in Regina, which WSP Group will use for promotional purposes.

So, on a bright sunny day this past Monday, our Java Post UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) took to the skies above Regina.

Posing for a pre-flight photo are Jeff Halliday (left), along with our own "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe and Trevor Bennett.

Here are Trevor and Jeff, flanked by the two UAVs we used on this project. In the left foreground is our DJI S-900 hexacopter (6 rotors) and in the background right, sitting on our takeoff/landing mat, is our DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter (4 rotors). We used the S-900 for capturing the still images needed, while using the Inspire to record video. By using two separate units, we can save time, as we don't have to keep switching a single unit from "still" mode to "video" mode. Both UAVs were shooting 4K Ultra HD images, so the resolution was very high.

Shortly after lift-off with our DJI S-900 hexacopter, we see our certified UAV pilot Jack (in the white shirt) handling the flight controls while Trevor (in the red shirt) handles the controls for the on-board camera. Trevor is also a certified UAV pilot, so we think he and Jack just flip a coin as to who gets what controller on the day.

In the background, Jeff from WSP Group also appears to be operating some kind of electronic device. From the concentration on his face, we presume Jeff is either monitoring the feed from the UAV's camera...or playing a very intense game of Angry Birds.

On the way up, we circle the camera back to capture a quick "dronie" of Jack, Jeff, and Trevor.

Definitely not a bad view from up here.

Hey! I think I see the golf ball I lost last week. No, wait...that can't be mine. It's in the water too close to the green.

Because Java Post Aerial Photography is fully certified by Transport Canada for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta...and has additional special permission to fly within the otherwise-restricted 9-kilometre aerodrome control-zone radius, we are ideally suited for aerial photography projects in and around cities and towns. Such as documenting these residential subdivisions for WSP Group.

This is a feature not offered by many other UAV drone photography companies.

And here's the whole gang, smiling and sunburned after a day of flying (left to right): Jeff Halliday (WSP Group), "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe (UAV pilot), Trevor Bennett (UAV camera operator/technician), and Bob Brockmeyer (WSP Group).

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