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U. of R. Film 301 class tours Java Post.

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Earlier this week, University of Regina film department instructor Brian Stockton brought his Film 301 class for a tour of Java Post Production. We worked with Brian on his movie The Sabbatical, which he co-wrote, produced, and directed. The Sabbatical is currently garnering great reviews at film festivals around the world, and you can watch the trailer HERE.

We're always pleased when Brian brings his students for a visit, even if it does mean we have to tidy up our edit suites and toss all the empty junk food bags and beer bottles in the garbage. (Just kidding! We recycle the bottles.)

Seriously though, it's great having the students ask us questions about working in the film and TV industry. We hope our answers were instructive and inspiring...or at least entertaining.

In one of our editing suites, Doug Russell gestures for emphasis. We're not sure if Doug is telling the students some vital bit of editing wisdom related to a recent S.G.I. commercial...or just describing a fish he caught last summer.

Animator Tomás Ibar (centre, seated) takes the Film 301 students through some of his current 3D animation projects, such as creating 3D characters for the national children's pre-school show, Doowett.

In Kevin Drysdale's animation suite, the students watch over Kevin's shoulder as he shows them some of the steps it took to turn Michael J. Fox into a talking robot dog for the movie A.R.C.H.I.E., a feature-length film that Java Post Production co-produced with Trilight Entertainment.

Seated at his DaVinci Resolve colour correction controls, Java Post Production owner and head colourist Jack Tunnicliffe gives the University of Regina film students a detailed look into the colour grading process involved in creating the final look of the new Tourism Saskatchewan commercials, which were produced by Java Post.

Thanks to the U. of R. Film 301 students for dropping by. We hope you enjoyed your visit!

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