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Tourism Saskatchewan shoot begins!

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This morning, Java Post Production and Phoenix Group began production on a new advertising campaign for Tourism Saskatchewan.

Led by the co-director/co-photographer duo of Greg Huszar and Derek Frankowski, the shoot began in a field just outside Regina.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from day one:

With camera assistant Todd Irving in the background, Greg Huszar sets up a low-level slider shot. We're shooting this project using the 6K sensor on the RED Dragon camera, so the images will have incredible resolution and detail. Put it this way: if four high-definition 1920x1080 images will fit into a 4K Ultra HD image, this is 2K more than that. Yes, I know that's the "but this one goes to eleven" explanation, but trust me, it's a really nice image.

In what looks like the cover photo from "Field and Camera Magazine," Greg slides the RED Dragon camera through the waving crop. Greg is sporting his Java Post Aerial Photography mission cap - the perfect fashion accessory for any production shoot.

Always behind the scenes on any production shoot: a whole lot of cases, gear and assorted gack waiting to be used.

Java Post technician and aerial camera operator Trevor Bennett sets up the client monitor viewing station for our "Javacopter" UAV, which was used to capture aerial shots this morning.

Our Javacopter waits for its turn while, in the distance, the guys do some shooting with the Ronin hand-held camera stabilizer.

Arriving on the scene, Phoenix Group creative guru, Dustin Panko.

From left to right: Joy Turner from Tourism Saskatchewan, Java Post field producer Murray MacDonald, and Dustin Panko from the Phoenix Group.

The group watches the shoot going on in the distance and, left to right, you can almost hear their thoughts: (agency rep) "I don't remember this being in the storyboards.", (field producer) "I hope they hurry up because we have 6 more locations to get to today.", (client rep) "These film production people are a strange bunch."

While Murray looks on, co-director and co-photographer Derek Frankowski gets some more gear out of the van.

The whole gang gets together to plan out the next shot. Left to right: Murray, Greg, Derek, Dustin and Joy.

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