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Throwback Thursday to last Friday's "Java Post Halloween Lunch of Horror!"

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Last Friday, October 30th, the Java Post Production office was treated to an amazing - and spooky - Halloween lunch.

The meal was monstrous, both in theme and size, and was cunningly conceived and concocted by two of our talented staff, Maureen Bennett and Crystal Van Pelt. There's a potential joke in here about two evil witches stirring a bubbling cauldron, but we're far too polite to mention it. Especially since Crystal and Maureen went to all the time and trouble to create such a "fang-tastic" feast.

Above left to right are our two creepy chefs, Crystal and Maureen, who have turned the Java Post office kitchen into their private chamber of culinary horrors. And we mean that in a good way.

Maureen poses proudly with a batch of ghoulish goodies.

The Halloween lunch menu included such dangerous dishes as...Bloody Mary's Fingers...

...Monster Brains with Puke...

...and Eyes of Newt.

For the main course: Mac O' Lanterns!

Doug Russell was quick to grab a Mac O' Lantern before they disappeared. And disappear quickly they did.

The devilish desert choices included Jack O' Lantern Fruit Salad...

..."My Brain's Turned To Jello"...

...which, as Crystal demonstrated, was based on how her brain feels on Friday afternoons...

...and we finished off with the soul-sucking succulence of Java Graveyard Cake.

Even the Under The Porch Crawler beverages included multi-hued frozen Jack O' Lantern ice cubes.

The entire Java Post staff wasted no time in falling on the feast like ravenous werewolves. Gruesome and ghastly sounds of biting and chewing filled the air. Oh, the horror! The delicious, tasty horror!

At the end, when we had all sucked, slurped, chewed, and chomped everything in sight, we all probably felt a bit like these poor guys.

Thanks again to the creepy-crawly creativity of our own Maureen Bennett and Crystal Van Pelt. This special Halloween lunch did the trick... and it certainly was a treat!

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