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Throwback Thursday: Behind the scenes with Java Post on the set of the SaskTel Network 2021 Commercial - Part 1

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For today's "throwback Thursday" post, we go back to April of 2021, when Java Post Production worked with MGM Communications to produce a commercial for SaskTel's Network promotion campaign.

Below is part 1 of some behind-the-scenes photos of the crew working on location to create this commercial.

Client: SaskTel
Agency: MGM Communications
Production Company: Java Post Production
Producer: Randy Shumay
Field Producer: Alexa Lawlor
Director: Stephen Hall
DP: Jack Tunnicliffe
Camera Assist: Kristine Dowler
Aerial Photography: Java Post Production
Set Dec: Dan Crozier
Lighting/Grip: John Bjerke
Wardrobe: Joanna Volhoffer
MU/Hair: Erica Hillier
Locations: Murray MacDonald
Locations Assist: Sam Flamont
Editor: Stephen Hall
VFX: Tomás Ibar
Colourist: Jack Tunnicliffe
Audio Post: Twisted Pair Productions

If you have a scene in a commercial where a child has to snowboard down a hill in his backyard, the first thing you need to do is make the hill. Set decorator Dan Crozier is up to the task with his snow shoveling skills.

Dan uses his foot to pack down the snow and checks on his progress with a depth pole.

Director Stephen Hall (right) discusses the upcoming snowboard scene with our two actors. As they are mother and son, not much time is needed to establish a connection between our actors.

Stephen (left) and Carl Sheldon, Creative Director for MGM Communications, watch the camera viewfinder over the shoulder of Director of Photography Jack Tunnicliffe. Jack is sporting his spiffy red Java Post Production toque.

 Jack (right) captures the triumphant downhill slide of our young actor.

Stephen gives our homemade Zamboni machine an on-ice adjustment as we get ready to film our hockey rink scene.

The camera slate, held by Java Post camera assistant Kristine Dowler, is not just a movie cliché. It's a real tool in the video production industry.

Jack and Stephen get a close, high-angle shot of the homemade Zamboni. In this photo, it looks like Stephen has a light bulb for an ear. Or maybe that's just his brain signaling that he's thought of another brilliant creative idea.

Part 2 of our behind-the-scenes photo gallery is coming up!

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