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There is No Motion in Motion Pictures.

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It's true. There is no actual motion in "motion pictures." But wait! Before you stomp off to the nearest multiplex to yell at the teenage concession worker that you've been ripped off all these years, watch this video first. Unless you're yelling about being ripped off over the price of popcorn, in which case, rage away.

You see, what our brains perceive as moving images are actually just a series of static, motionless images - or "frames" - shown to us one at a time in rapid succession. It's the rate at which we are shown these individual, motionless frames - the "frame rate" - that tricks us into thinking we're seeing a moving image.

In another of the fascinating and educational lessons from the folks at FilmmakerIQ, this video explores the science and history of motion picture frame rates.

Forget about all the expensive 3D computer animations, incredible sets, fantastic costumes and explosive special effects...the real movie magic lies in the frame rate. No frame rate, no movie.

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