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The Wheels on the STC Bus go 'Round and 'Round (just like the rotors on our Javacopter).

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Our Java Post Production crew (Trevor Bennett and Jack Tunnicliffe, pictured left to right, below) were out in the bright - but chilly - winter sunshine today, working with the good folks at Phoenix Group on a new campaign for the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC).

Jack and Trevor used the Java Post Aerial Photography Javacopter for tracking shots, following an STC passenger bus as it drove down the highway. In the first two photos below, you can see the guys getting ready to launch and then a shot of our Javacopter aerial camera platform lifting off.

In the third photo below, you can see Jack using our Java Post Steadi-arm to shoot smooth, stable, hand-held POV shots looking directly out the front window of the rolling bus. The Java Post Steadi-arm uses the same camera stabilization technology as our Javacopter, only in hand-held form.

Like the classic Bachman Turner Overdrive song says: "Let it roll down the highway!"

Java Shot

Java Shot

Java Shot

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