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The Southwest Motorcycle Adventures of "Java Jack."

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Taking a post-New Year's break, our fearless Java Post Production leader, Jack Tunnicliffe, decided to escape the snow and cold around Regina and take a road trip down to Arizona.

This was the perfect excuse to put some wintertime miles on his Indian motorcycle, which usually has to wait until April or May to see the light of day locally.

Here is a little photo essay of Jack's road trip.

The first order of business was to secure the bike on a U-Haul trailer. Jack would tow it down south behind his truck until he hit good riding weather.

Then it was time to hit the road, heading south into the USA.

Of course, Jack isn't nick-named "Java Jack" for nothing. His travel kit isn't complete without his personal pour-over coffee maker next to the driver's seat. Stopping for drive-through coffee would really be roughing it.

Reaching warm, sunny weather, it was time to park the Java Post Aerial Photography truck and get the bike ready to ride.

The scenery was certainly breathtaking.

Just like the Eagles sang in their 1972 hit "Take It Easy," here's Jack "on a corner in Winslow, Arizona." A friendly local resident was kind enough to take Jack's picture. You have to wonder how many times the local residents are stopped by tourists wanting to get their photos taken. They probably get sick of it, like the people who live near the famous Abbey Road crosswalk, of Beatles album fame.

And, just in case you need confirmation that you're actually "standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona," this store spells it right out for you.

Here's Jack, posing next to what might be a Flat Bed Ford. No word on whether there was a girl (my Lord) in it, slowing down to take a look at him. If she was, she was probably only slowing down to yell "Stop taking selfies in front of my truck, you crazy Canadian!"

If you are ever in Winslow, Jack can highly recommend the turkey-cranberry sandwich and root-beer float at The Sipp Shoppe. Best meal of his trip, he said. And really...what says "I'm a hard core biker" more than a root-beer float? But you have to remember to order it in a dirty plastic take-away cup.

After his lunch, Jack headed out on the Route 66 Painted Desert and Petrified Forest Driving Tour.

Framed against this rugged backdrop, the previous two photos of Jack's Indian motorcycle looks like they could be from a sales catalogue.

A quick stop for a few photos at the petrified forest. History does not record what exactly the trees were petrified of. Judging by these stumps, we think it was giant beavers.

Capturing his own reflection in his helmet, Jack wasn't able to travel too much farther down the road as he was running low on fuel and still had to return to Winslow for the night.

Jack's shadow seems to be leading him down the scenic highway, with Jack following close behind. We're sure this point-of-view photo was taken with the utmost regard for motorcycle safety.

The scenery was pretty spectacular. Quite a change from the snowy fields of southern Saskatchewan.

And, on his final day in the USA, Jack celebrated the way any "born to be wild" motorcycle maverick does: with potato chips and beef jerky from the motel vending machine, washed down with a couple of bottles of beer.

Jack fell asleep before he finished the second bottle. Oh you two-wheeled wild man, you.


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