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The Sky's the Limit! Check out our aerial demo.

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We here at Java Post Production haven't had so much fun with a new production tool since we installed our fancy cappuccino machine.

Our new mini helicopter (AKA "the Javacopter") allows us to capture amazing high-definition aerial images and go places that conventional helicopter-mounted cameras can't possibly go. (Or, at the very least, can't go without scaring the bejeezus out of the neighbourhood.)

Take a look at this short aerial demo reel, which showcases the Javacopter capturing images in both rural and urban settings.Then start thinking about ways you could use Java Post Aerial Photography to enhance your next project and give it a little "lift" (pun intended).

For example, if your company does work in agriculture, crop sciences, land surveys, pipeline inspection, mining, forestry or any other industry where you need "eyes in the sky" in a rural setting, Java Post Aerial Photography could be the right tool for your project. Particularly if you're looking for a less expensive alternative to photography (still or video) from a fixed wing or conventional helicopter platform.

And check out the shots we captured as we soared along a city street, flying underneath the overhead canopy of trees. Now those are shots that a conventional helicopter-mounted camera could never achieve. And what a great way to showcase, for example, a new residential development or a tourism site or event.

In fact, when you look at those street shots, you can start to think of the Javacopter as almost a really tall camera dolly. Want a camera shot that "dollies" along a street at waist height? No problem. Want a shot that "dollies" along a street 20 or 30 feet in the air? No problem. With Java Post Aerial Photography, a quote-unquote helicopter shot doesn't just mean looking down from 500 feet in the air anymore.

If the images on this demo reel have started your creative juices flowing with aerial possibilties for your projects, give us a shout and let Java Post Aerial Photography help your ideas take flight.

(okay, yes, that was an extremely cheesy tag line, we admit, but "gives you wings" was already taken by Red Bull.)

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