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The Javacopter Two Minute Drill!

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Now wait just one minute!

Okay...maybe two minutes.

To speed your project along and capture "wow-worthy" visuals that will take your video, commercial, documentary or feature to a whole new level, the Java Post Javacopter is ready to fly in just two, count 'em, two minutes.

Click on the golden "WATCH" link near the top of this page to view our latest Javacopter demo, where you'll see our Java Aerial Team (pilot Jack Tunnicliffe, camera operator Trevor Bennett, and flight chief Ted Delanghe) demonstrate that, in just 120 seconds, Java Post can help your next project really take off.

The Java Post Javacopter can give you stunning, stable, affordable high-definition aerial footage or still photos from a GPS stabilized camera platform designed especially for aerial photography.

You can go places and get shots that can't possibly be done from a conventional helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft...and all at a fraction of the conventional time and expense.

Don't keep your imagination on the ground. Let it soar with the Java Post Javacopter.

To view even more examples of Javacopter footage, CLICK HERE.


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