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The Glamourous Life of a Director. Or not.

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When an editor is sitting in a comfy chair in a nice, warm editing suite, it's easy to forget that the footage didn't just get there on its own. It took a crew of skilled professionals to get it to the editing suite.

And this crew is led by a creative, problem-solving, hands-on director.

And, oh, it's a glamourous life these directors lead. Surrounded by supermodels...waited on hand and foot. Or possibly just laying in the back of a moving car, trying to capture magical on-camera moments with two chilly children and a hungry, squirmy dog.

I think there's an old show-biz phrase about that.

Take a look at the video for some scenes that you definitely won't be seeing in an upcoming commercial campaign.

UPDATE: By the way, our charismatic canine actor's name is "Ralph." You might remember seeing Ralph in a Saskatchewan Roughrider commercial last year, eating bacon off a plate while his owner's hands were trapped in the ceiling. 


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