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Testing a Freefly ALTA drone for freshness.

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The newest addition to the Java Post Aerial Photography squadron is our Freefly ALTA multi-rotor UAV. The Freefly ALTA was chosen by Java Post to be our heavy lift UAV - flying cameras such as the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera and the soon-to-be-released RED RAVEN camera (being delivered to Java Post in February, 2016) - and delivering cinema-quality aerial images for feature film, documentary, television, commercial, and corporate/industrial projects. To view some examples of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.

Java Post also chose the Freefly ALTA for its ability to mount the camera either below OR ABOVE the UAVs rotors. This allows Java Post Aerial Photography to offer our clients a new perspective in aerial imaging. With Java Post using the Freefly ALTA, you could say that things are....(wait for it)...looking "up."

Equipped with a Gremsy gStabi H-16 gimbal and cameras such as the RED RAVEN 4.5K camera (or the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera, as shown in the photo above), the experienced UAV pilots and camera operators of Java Post Aerial Photography are looking forward to using the new Freefly ALTA to capture stunning aerial images for our clients, ranging from feature films and television shows to commercials and corporate/industrial video projects.

Chief UAV pilot Jack Tunnicliffe poses with his latest UAV. Java Post Aerial Photography is an experienced, fully certified and insured UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, AKA "drone") operator, recognized by Transport Canada with an open Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for the Prairie provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Java Post Aerial Photography is also Transport Canada-certified to conduct flight operations at night.

Jack closely eyeballs the UAV propellers. It's this kind of detailed attention to UAV maintenance that keeps Java Post flying safely. At the request of his optometrist, Jack now only does this when the propellers aren't moving. Also, our lawyers inform us that we are required to tell people not to do this at home. Or at work. Or basically anywhere. Just don't do it.

Now Jack demonstrates how to catch a Freefly ALTA in your mouth. Insert more legal disclaimers and safety warnings here.

Mmmm...that's some fresh and tasty UAV right there! To view some examples of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.

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