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Testing a 6-GoPro aerial rig for Talking Dog Studios.

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Why hang one camera from your UAV, when you could hang six?

Our friends at Talking Dog Studios are big into virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive 3D. They approached our Java Post Aerial Photography crew about taking one of their virtual reality camera rigs into the sky. Talk about a bird's eye view! If a bird had six eyes, that is.

So our UAV technician, Trevor, made up a special rig that will replace our UAV's usual 3-axis camera gimbal. Once mounted to the bottom of one of our UAVs, we'll put these six GoPro cameras into the air and see what we can see.

And, since we're recording on six cameras shooting every direction but straight up into the underside of our UAV, chances are we're going to see a lot!

We'll keep you posted on how this test goes. Really. And virtually.

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