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Taking Care of "Basic Human Needs." (That's a movie.)

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This morning, Java Post Production welcomed the producers, the writer/director/lead actor, and the cinematographer of the feature film Basic Human Needs to our offices for a colour grading "spotting session." A spotting session is where the edited project is reviewed shot by shot and collaborative decisions are made on various visual treatments for each scene.

These kinds of spotting sessions can also be done for sound, music or visual effects, but this morning we were concentrating on the colour correction (AKA "grading") of the scenes in the movie.

Left to right we see the movie's cinematographer, Layton Burton, producer Matthieu Belanger, writer/director/lead actor Matt Yim, and producer Allan Roeher, as they enjoy some good Java Post coffee in the subdued office lighting of our company owner and head colourist, "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe.

Matthieu, Matt and Allan were the Saskatchewan winners of the innaugural INDIECAN 10K Initiative, a program launched by executive producer Avi Federgreen and Indiecan Enertainment and aimed at first time Canadian feature film makers. The chosen film makers were partnered with an experienced local mentor and were able to utilize professional production facilities. The mentor for Basic Human Needs was producer Mark Montague and Java Post Production provided post-production services.

Using DaVinci Resolve, Jack works on the colour grading for a dramatic bedroom scene featuring the movie's writer/director/lead actor Matt Yim and co-star Laura Ambramsen.

There's more to a spotting session than sitting around in a dimly-lit room watching movies. There's coffee and snacks, too. :)

Learn more about Basic Human Needs on their website:, follow them on Twitter at @BasicNeedsMovie, or on Facebook at BasicHumanNeedsMovie.

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