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Stop! (motion) In the Name of Lentils!

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Okay, so "Stop motion in the Name of Lentils" was never a big Diana Ross and the Supremes hit. But it is a way to segue into a recent animation project.

Java Post Production created a series of show-specific introduction animations for the web series "Lentil Hunter," hosted by Chef Michael Smith. Each animation featured a map of the specific country being showcased in that particular episode.

The director wanted a stop motion look, so we set up a makeshift studio in one of our offices, using a large table to lay out our big map and still give us enough elbow room to set up lighting around and above the map table. We mounted a stills camera above the map and shot several still images of the map opening up. Those still images were seamed together in post-production and an antiqued, sepia look was applied to final map composite.

The show's animated logo was layered over top of the map background and effects were added to "rip" away country-shaped pieces of the map, revealing an image of lentils underneath.

Watch the complete episodes of "Lentil Hunter" at

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