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Steady and Smooth Shots with the Java Steadi-Arm!

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If you've witnessed the beautiful shots that Java Post Production is able to achieve using our "Java-Copter," you've probably admired the amazingly smooth stability of the footage. The Java-Copter can capture high definition footage in places that conventional aerial camera platforms cannot possibly go.

However, there are still places where even the Java-Copter can't go (or at least shouldn't go), such as down an office hallway or along a crowded sidewalk. And we wanted to do something about that, while still keeping the same solid, GPS-assisted stability that makes our Java-Copter aerial footage so production-friendly.

Introducing the "Java Steadi-Arm!" (Okay, technically, its real name is the Zenmuse Gimbal Arm, but we've got to keep our in-house naming schtick going.)

Incorporating the same flight-control technology and GPS camera stabilization system as the Java-Copter, the Java Steadi-Arm is a handheld camera shooting platform that allows an operator to basically "fly" the camera along the ground, while an optional second operator can independently control the camera's tilt and pan. And the shots are steady as a rock, regardless of the position of the position or movement of the Java Steadi-Arm frame.

The result is footage that makes you sit up and go "Whoah!" Or other delighted words along those lines.

The Java Steadi-Arm can be easily carried by an operator, providing Steadicam-like camera stabilization performance. Additionally, it can be attached to moving devices like Segways, skateboards, bicycles and more - even just hung out a car window - giving you many unique and usable shots.

We hope to have our Java Steadi-Arm operational within the next two weeks and we'll provide footage of our first tests here on our website and also on our Facebook page.

But, in the meantime, don't be shy! Drop on over to the Java Post Production office and take the Java Steadi-Arm for a personal test drive.

Check out this YouTube video link and see the kinds of shots you'll be able to achieve on your next production with the Java Steadi-Arm.


Okay, now just imagine what you can accomplish on your next production by using BOTH the Java Steadi-Arm AND the Java-Copter!

Mind. Blown.


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