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Soothing Slo-Motion, Saskatchewan Style.

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Last Saturday, Java Post Production boss, Jack and his girlfriend Kim went out towards the Condie area, northwest of Regina, to do some hobby photography.  Jack took along our DJI Ronin camera stabilization system to give it a bit of a test and also to do some slo-motion practice with our Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera.

It was a cold, windy miserable day but, shooting at 96 frames per second, the wind actually became an asset, creating beautiful waves in the ripening crop. What started as just an off-the-cuff camera test became a rather hypnotic, slo-motion video.

The overcast sky and flat lighting added to the unusual tone. There is no colour correction on this footage. This is exactly how it looked coming out of the camera, which is impressive.

A big thanks to guitarist Jerry Douglas for sitting in on this short video, performing the haunting "Senia's Lament" from his CD "Lookout for Hope," available on iTunes.

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