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Silk Cyclone spins up a Yorkton Film Festival nomination.

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Nominated for the Performing Arts & Entertainment Award at the upcoming 2013 Yorkton Film Festival, "Silk Cyclone" is a dance project, inspired by the 1912 Regina cyclone (tornado).

Featuring the dance performances of Margie Gillis, Robin Portrais and Daniella Beltrami (and with the help of dance improvographer Susan McKenzie) the video is also an homage to pioneering silk dancer Marie Louise Fuller. Nicknamed "Louie" or "Loie," Fuller's work during the late 1800's was considered by her adoring French and European fans to be the embodiment of the Art Nouveau movement. Fuller's work continues to be an influence on modern choreographers.

At the beginning of the video, you'll see a quick film clip from the pioneering French filmmakers, the Lumiere brothers. However, that's not Fuller herself in the clip. Rumour has it that she wanted too much money, so the Lumiere brothers hired another performer to portray Fuller.

For this project, Java Post Production did the colour correction, visual effects and deliverables.

"Silk Cyclone" is directed by Rob King and edited by Jackie Dzuba. The DOP is Andrew Gordon and the composer is Todd Bryanton. "Silk Cyclone" is produced by Rattlesnake Films, Rouge-gorge and Jackie Dzuba.





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