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Shooting "Dronies" In Weyburn with Play Creative and Look Matters.

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We all know about "selfies" - photos you take of yourself with your smartphone camera. Well, in the world of unmanned aerial photography there's now a new thing called a "dronie." That's a photo you take of yourself from your unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly called a drone. Well, the Java Post Aerial Photography crew was out in Weyburn earlier this week, doing some work with Play Creative and Look Matters for Minard's Leisure World and, during the course of the the shoot, our aerial crew - Jack Tunnicliffe and Trevor Bennett - managed to grab a couple of "dronies."

First, here's a pre-takeoff "dronie" of Trevor's foot. Or would that make it a "footie?" No matter. If Trevor ever needs photo ID of his foot, he's covered.

In the upper right corner of the photo you'll see Trevor (left) operating the camera and Jack (right) piloting as they get the Javacopter into position.

As part of the shoot, we did some aerial shots of a family enjoying their new RV. We don't want to give away too much in advance of the finished video, but here's a still shot to give you a sneak peek. Our thanks to the folks at Play Creative and Look Matters for having Java Post Aerial Photography on the team for this project. We had a great time working with you!

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