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Selling farms from the skies with Java Post and Harry Sheppard Realty.

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This short video - created by Java Post Aerial Photography for Sheppard Realty in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada - showcases a stunning rural property for sale near the Sherwood Forest/Grand Coolee area, just west of the City of Regina.

Shot entirely using one of our UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), Java Post Aerial Photography captured not only 4K Ultra HD video footage, but also dozens of high-quality aerial still photos, as well. Sheppard Realty will be using the video and photos as eye-catching sales tools for this gorgeous piece of real estate.

The use of professional UAV, or "drone", photography can be an excellent marketing technique for real estate, particularly when you need to showcase very large areas or properties.

For information about how Java Post Aerial Photography can help your real estate company, contact us by CLICKING HERE.

To learn more about this specific property at Sheppard Realty, CLICK HERE.  To learn about similar rural properties available in Saskatchewan, go to

Flanking the current owner of the property are Java Post's certified UAV pilots Trevor Bennett (left) and Jack Tunnicliffe (right).

Wascana Creek lazily winds its way through this great farmland (with excellent future development potential), located very close to the City of Regina

While our Java Post UAV was in the sky, we were treated to a fly-past from the local pelican squadron.

As you'll see on the video, flying low along Wascana Creek made for a gorgeous low-level aerial shot.

A beautiful sunny Saskatchewan day on a beautiful piece of Saskatchewan.

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