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"Scotty, we're going to need more power!"

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More power.

Next to faster computer processors, 3-day work weeks, and good coffee, it's what we at Java Post Aerial Photography crave most. Specifically from the motors on our UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles, AKA "drones").

More powerful UAV motors mean more speed, more lifting power, and longer flight times. All good things from a professional UAV pilot's perspective.

So, to that end, our UAV technician, Trevor, recently installed much more powerful motors on our DJI S-900 hexacopter, one of three main UAVs flown by Java Post Aerial Photography. And, while he was at it, Trevor also upgraded the unit's propeller blades, installing a new, higher-efficiency design.

All this UAV needs now is a sparkle-flame paint job and a pair of fuzzy dice.

Need to fire up your hexacopter's motors one by one and see if they are rotating properly in the required clockwise or counterclockwise direction? There's an app for that.

Here's a close-up of one of the new, high-power DJI motors. It's the 4216 model, if that means anything to anyone. We assume it's one better than the 4215 model. "This one goes to eleven!"

Controller in hand, Trevor gets the new motors fired up and the props a-spinnin'. These motors are considerably quieter than the old ones, and the new, high-efficiency propellers certainly move a lot of air in a hurry. Very handy to have in the office on a hot Summer day.

When the certified UAV pilot and technician ducks around the doorway and throttles up the motors to barely below "leap into the sky" levels, that's the cue for the cameraman to back away, too.

Boy, those props are just a blur. Remember kids, these are potentially hazardous industrial tools, not toys. Don't try this at home. Or pretty much anywhere else, unless you're officially certified and have a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada (or your equivalent national airspace controlling organization).

Test over, Trevor can safely fold up the propellers. The new motors and props did very well on the bench test, passing, one might say, with "flying colours." Oh that pun never gets old. At least, not to this writer.

Now, let's get this baby in the air and make some powerful images!

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