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SaskTel maxTV Stream keeps getting better.

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A fun commercial created by Java Post Production and Phoenix Group, illustrating the wide variety of programming available on the SaskTel maxTV streaming service.

Client: SaskTel
Agency: Phoenix Group
Director: Stephen Hall
Producer: Randy Shumay
Field Producer/PM: Alexa Lawlor
DP: Mark Dobrescu
Camera Op/VFX Supervisor: Jack Tunnicliffe
1st Camera Assist: Kristine Dowler
Gaffer: Peter LaRocque
Art Department: Jay Robertson, Dan Crozier
Wardrobe: Joanna Vollhoffer, Celeste Pinder
Hair/MU: Krista Stevenson, Erica Hillier
Editor: Stephen Hall
VFX: Tomás Ibar
Colourist: Jack Tunnicliffe
Audio Post: Twisted Pair

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