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SaskTel gets animated with Java Post Production

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Java Post Production recently created an animated world for SaskTel's recent "Be Kind Online" campaign.

Produced by Java Post Production, the commercial was lead by advertising agency lmno, directed by Stephen Hall, and shot by Mark Dobrecu.

Illustrations for the cheery, cartoon-like world were created by Java Post's Kristine Dowler. Our animator, Tomás Ibar, brought Kristine's illustrations to life.

Below are some images showing the before and after of our work.

For an extended crew list, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Click on the "Related Project" video to see the finished commercial.

The original footage of our Edge Agency actors was shot against a green-screen background at the Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios in Regina. Back at Java Post, the green was replaced with bright pink and white animation.

In three easy steps, here's how we show a young man brushing his teeth in the bathroom. First (above), we start with a shower curtain as a background.

Then, we add the young man with his smile freshly brushed.

And finally, we add the pink animated background, colour correct the camera footage of our actor, and add an animated sparkle to his smile.

In the next scene, our two actors pretend to watch an animated garden hose spray over animated plants, which we added later.

Above is another example of elements (actors, a bench, and a fire hydrant) shot against the green-screen background, and then transformed by the Java Post Production team.

In the final scene of the commercial, we transition from cheery pink animated school lockers to the less colourful and more gritty "real world," where our main actor is subjected to online bullying.

Click on the "Related Project" video at the top of this post to see the finished commercial.

Client: SaskTel
Agency: lmno
Production Company: Java Post Production
Producers: Randy Shumay, Dana Lesiuk
Director: Stephen Hall
Director of Photography: Mark Dobrescu
Editor: Doug Russell
Animation: Tomás Ibar
Illustrations: Kristine Dowler
Colour Grading: Jack Tunnicliffe
Music: Jared Robinson/Nebulus Entertainment
Sound Mix: Twisted Pair

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