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SaskEnergy Burns Brighter with Java Post!

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Working from original 2-D illustrations by artist Chad Geran, our Java Post Production animators, Kevin Drysdale and Tomás Ibar, created bright and colourful 3-D animated videos for SaskEnergy. These 60-second and 30-second promote natural gas appliances and heating from SaskEnergy Network members. The animation's virtual camera movement travels smoothly through the various environments created by our talented team.

Here's a little behind-the-scenes look at the sketch-to-screen process:

As a starting point, very simple 3-D geometry is set up to establish the spaces through which the virtual camera will move. In this image below, we're looking at what will eventually become the setting for the video's living room and kitchen scene. Once the agency and client have approved the general space and the proposed movement for the virtual camera, these simple renders are sent to Chad.

Next. using these reference renders, Chad begins to design the props that will fill in the space - all the furniture, the lamps, etc. These rough sketches establish what items will appear, and where in the space they will be positioned. Once the sketch is approved, Chad begins to design the final elements.

Below are final 2-D designs from Chad. For the most part, Chad would provide Kevin and Tomás with a couple of different views of each item (front view, side view, etc) which would help as they created the items in three dimensions. It's kind of like assembling IKEA furniture, only without any Allen wrenches and far less cursing.

And below you see a finished render frame from the animation, showing Chad Geran's 2-D designs translated into 3-D animation by the Java Post Production animation team.

Here are a couple of images showing the original Chad Geran 2-D illustration, paired with the finished 3-D animated image.

Click on the Related Project video link at the top of this post to view the finished 60-second 3-D video.

Agency: MGM Communications. Original 2-D Artwork: Chad Geran. 3-D Animation: Kevin Drysdale and Tomás Ibar, Java Post Production.

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