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Safety is always in fashion.

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The Java Post crew got suited up for safety on a recent shoot for Brown Communications Group and SaskPower.

Producer/Director Stephen Hall, DOP Layton Burton, Java Post producer Joan Speirs and the rest of the crew donned hardhats, steel-toed boots, safety goggles and high visibility clothing to shoot in and around some SaskPower electrical stations.

As Java Post does more and more safety-related and industrial training projects, it's becoming more common for our crew to own their own safety gear or even obtain their own safety certifications and equipment in areas such as fall protection (because we're always sending our camera people up into the rafters to get the shots the directors absolutely MUST have, bless their hearts!)

In the end, the shoot went off with nothing broken but some supermodel fashion guidelines. Everyone came back safe and the footage from our Blackmagic Cinema camera looked great, as usual.

(Sask)Power to the people!



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