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Rigging the REDCAM on a Ronin to record recreation for Tourism Saskatchewan.

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When one ventures in the majestic wilderness of central and northern Saskatchewan, one may wish to pack a variety of camping and sporting equipment: a tent, a camp stove, a canoe, fishing poles, etc.

Or you could do it the Java Post Production way: book yourself into a nice lodge and bring along a bunch of high-tech camera gear, which - while being incredibly useful for capturing gorgeous images for our friends at Phoenix Group and Tourism Saskatchewan - is pretty much useless for catching fish or toasting marshmallows over a crackling camp fire. (Well, we suppose one COULD use some camera gear for toasting marshmallows, but you could only do it once.)

Technician Trevor Bennett (left) from Java Post and camera assistant Todd Irving (right) flank co-director/co-photographer Greg Huszar, as he gears up outside the lodge. 

Greg's got a REDCAM mounted on Java Post's DJI Ronin hand-held camera stabilization rig, which is in turn suspended by Java's body-mounted Atlas Camera Support. You know...the usual stuff you take to a fishing lodge.

You just know that all the other tourists at the lodge are looking at Greg and going "He's never going to catch any fish with that rig."

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