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Riderville Radio SitCom Debuts Sept.12th on 620CKRM


Our pal Jarrett Rusnak at Dacian Productions, in conjunction with Harvard Broadcasting, is launching a new radio comedy series about the fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, called The Riderville Radio Sitcom.

The first episode airs this Saturday, September 12th at 1:00 PM (local Saskatchewan time) on 620CKRM.

Each half-hour episode takes place during a famous game in Roughrider history from 1928 to 2013. Stories will centre around a group of fans at each game, being forced to deal with any variety of commotion around them.

"Rider Nation has always been about more than just what takes place on the field." said 620 CKRM Program Director, Grant Biebrick. "It's a culture in and of itself. It's fantastic that Saskatchewan's creative community has been able to capture, in a lighthearted and humourous way, a glimpse of that passion in this project."

Fans across the CFL should all find something to like about the series. "Nearly every team and city int he league makes a cameo," says creator Jarrett Rusnak. "Names like Russ Jackson, Jackie Parker, and Milt Stegall are dropped liberally throughout the episodes. Even the Hamilton/Toronto rivalry plays a prominent role in one episode."

With each episode is a self-contained story, with its own unique set of characters, there remain certain themes that reoccur throughout the series. "It's sort of a rule to crap on Calgary, and the Stampeders in every episode," says Rusnak. "The east side men's room urinal trough in Mosaic Stadium turns up in three episodes, and Mossbank, Saskatchewan also comes up regularly."

The remote town of Mossbank not only appears in three episodes, but will host the series' launch event on Friday, September 18th at 7:00 PM. "I learned that their town hall needs a fundraiser," said Rusnak. "With this in mind, I couldn't think of a more appropriate location to celebrate the debut of our show."

See the broadcast schedule below. For more information, go to

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