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Release the Kraken! Our New UAV Drone Helicopter first flight test.

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Our new, specially customized "Kraken" 8-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will be arriving soon at Java Post Production!

And, as if we didn't already have enough reason to get excited about our pending new bundle of helicopter joy, we received this YouTube video from the manufacturer, Foxtech, with their company rep, Fu, showing us the very first flight test of our Kraken K130 unit.

As Fu explains, the UAV you see in the video is our actual unit - order number 47548 - and Fu also gives a special shout-out to "Trevor from Canada", which is our own Trevor Bennett, Java Post tech and UAV camera operator.

Fu goes on to say that, with the addition of some customized motors we specially requested, this particular UAV unit has "the strongest capacity" of any Kraken 130 model Foxtech has ever built. That means a greater camera payload capacity, increased flight time, more speed, and more power to buck the wind for increased image stability.

And, while the mythical Kraken is an octopus-like monster inhabiting the deep blue sea, Java Post Production's new and very real Kraken octocopter will be inhabiting the wild blue yonder.

To see what kinds of great aerial images our new Kraken kan kapture (sorry, can capture) for you, check out our Aerial Photography Video Gallery in the "Work" section of our website

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