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Shake it up, Baby...Twist and Shoot!

With apologies to the Fab Four, we're just having too much fun with our latest production tool: the Java Post Steadi-Arm.

Using the same solid, GPS stability that makes our Javacopter high-definition aerial footage so stunning and production-friendly, the versatile Java Post Steadi-Arm allows an operator to basically "fly" the camera along the ground, while an optional second operator independently controls the camera tilt and pan.

The Java Post Steadi-Arm turns the operator's feet into an all-terrain camera dolly, with no tracks to set up and no time waiting around to get the shot. You can go in, around, under, over and through places with silky-smooth stability that you'd never achieve with a regular hand-held camera.

With the operator on a skateboard, wearing roller blades or in a moving vehicle, you'll capture incredibly stable footage, without the expense and set-up time of a conventional camera vehicle. It delivers production-friendly footage you can use right away, without the hours of post stabilization required for regular hand-held camera footage.

Check out our Java Post Steadi-Arm demo and start thinking about how we can help you achieve the shots you've envisioned for your next corporate video, commercial, documentary, series or feature project.

The Java Post will shake up your next shoot...without shaking up your shots.

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