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Putting SaskTel's "Little Red" into the stands at a Rider game.

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For quite a few years now, Java Post Production has produced the opening videos that "start up" the SaskTel MaxTron big screens at Mosaic Stadium before each Saskatchewan Roughrider home game, about 35-40 minutes prior to kickoff. If you've ever come early to a Saskatchewan Roughrider game in Regina, you probably have seen one of these videos.

This CFL season, SaskTel asked us if we could somehow work their animated spokesperson, Little Red, into the latest video version currently running at the stadium. We said "Sure, no problem!" and then dumped the challenge onto the desk of our lead animator, Kevin Drysdale.

Using the most recent animated SaskTel commercials - where Little Red was conveniently decked out in Rider green - Kevin located a couple of likely spots where he could "lift" Little Red out of that commercial. He then reviewed the current SaskTel MaxTron big screen video and found two corresponding fan shots where Little Red's movements would be most appropriate. After a little finessing and video voodoo, we had two quick cameos of Little Red in the stands at Mosaic Stadium. The shots were then re-inserted back into the SaskTel MaxTron video, so come early to the next Rider game and watch for them.

In the video above, you'll see quick snippets of Little Red in the original animation, followed by the original fan shots, and then the final composite where Little Red is now in the stands with the fans.

Below are some screen-grabs illustrating the before and after images.


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