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Profile on Java Post owner, Jack Tunnicliffe.

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CTV Saskatchewan recently did a video profile on Java Post's owner, Jack Tunnicliffe. Our thanks to CTV Regina reporter Darrell Romuld and CTV Regina photographer Gareth Dillistone for putting the video together. Below are a few screen-grabs.

Our Javacopter UAV drone aerial photography platform is prominently featured on the video wall behind CTV Regina news anchors Dan McIntosh and Heather Anderson, as they introduce the video profile on Jack.

And there's the boss. Everyone look busy!

The lower-third titles were added live during the broadcast and they spelled Jack's last name incorrectly. Should be an "i" after the second "n," not an "e," Oh well. We're willing to bet it's not the first time Jack's last name has been misspelled.

Also, not to be picky, but there's no "s" at the end of our company name. It's just "Production," not "Productions."

I suppose we shouldn't be pointing out these errors. Something about an old saying involving the mouth of a gift horse.

Jack at work in his office. On the screens are a shot from Corner Gas: The Movie. Java Post is the Saskatchewan producer for the feature film, as well as handling all the colour correction, visual effects work, and aerial photography via the "Javacopter" (seen here in front right).

A closer shot of Jack dialing in the proper colour correction for a scene from Corner Gas: The Movie. Java Post Production is one of only a very few post production houses in Canada that is a THX Certified facility. THX is the film company founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas to define world-wide industry standards for screen image quality.

Yikes! That's a little too close for Jack's close up, Mister DeMille. Or, in this case, Mister DeDillistone. Jack is getting up close and personal here with the propeller motor units on the Javacopter.

This funky low-angle shot shows Jack at the controls of the Javacopter, revving up the rotors for the CTV camera, in the confines of the Java Post Production boardroom.

The Javacopter flies with a crew of two: Jack (left) is the certified and experience UAV drone pilot, and Trevor Bennett (right) is our remote camera operator and drone technician. Not that Trevor's a "drone technician," if you know what I mean. He doesn't shuffle around the office with his arms outstretched, grunting "Must maintain drone!" Okay, he does that a little bit in the mornings when he hasn't had his coffee.

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