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Pretend Picassos play at Java Post Paint Night.

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We don't know much about art, but we know what we like. And we liked this.

Along with spouses, partners, and special guests, the Java Post Production staff recently held a "paint night" at the Sandman Hotel. Led by an experienced artist, the goal - besides eating and drinking - was to create our own versions of a "guide" painting.

We joked that this is how the hotel gets its artwork for all the rooms.

With everyone suitably smocked and with paper plates of paint at the ready, our group begins the artistic process by creating a moody, moonlit sky.

This was our "guide" painting, done prior to our session by our Paint Night guide, Mike. With his step-by-step guidance, we attempted to create paintings that resembled this...with varying degrees of "resemblance."

Above right, director Stephen Hall contemplates his night sky, before moving on to the next step.

In the foreground, our own Crystal Van Pelt touches up her moon. Behind her, Danielle Masters from Minds Eye Pictures and Lowell Dean (director of WolfCop and Another WolfCop) work on their masterpieces.

Java Post boss Jack Tunnicliffe shows off his work.

Unlike most of us, Java Post animator Tomás Ibar actually has artistic skills. Thankfully, there was no wagering involved.

Java Post managing producer Randy "Show me the Monet" Shumay poses with his finished artwork.

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