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Preserving a Family Farm for Posterity with the Gift of Aerial Photography

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As a special Christmas present from a daughter to her parents, Java Post Aerial Photography was hired to shoot aerial footage and still photographs of the Eutenier family farm.

Obviously, shooting around Christmastime wouldn't have looked so great, so Java Post created a special "aerial photography gift certificate" which was placed under the Eutenier family Christmas tree. The actual shooting of the video and still photographs took place in July of 2015.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in having aerial photography done of a farm or other property, CLICK HERE to learn more about Java Post Aerial Photography.

The Java Post Aerial Photography crew, all set to do some aerial shooting at the family farm.

Java Post Aerial Photography is an experienced, fully certified and insured UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, AKA "drone") operator, recognized by Transport Canada with an open Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for the Prairie provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. 

Java Post Aerial Photography is also Transport Canada-certified to conduct flight operations at NIGHT. Additionally, because of Java Post's flight experience and professional reputation, our open permit from Transport Canada also provides Java Post with special permission to fly within the otherwise-restricted 9-kilometre aerodrome operating radius.  This is a feature not offered by many other UAV drone photography companies.

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