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Our RED RAVEN is finally in the nest!

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Well, it's finally here. Nearly a year from the time we ordered it, our RED RAVEN DRAGON 4.5K camera has arrived at the Java Post Production offices.

We thought for a second they folks at RED CINEMA had forgotten about us. But that would be impossible, what with all our constant emails asking "When's it coming? When's it coming? When's it coming?"

Anyway, it's in our hot little hands and we can't wait to put our RED RAVEN DRAGON 4.5K camera to work, both on the ground and in the air, carried by our Java Post Aerial Photography DJI Matrice UAV.

The folks at RED CINEMA are not big on ostentatious boxes. Basic black and white...with RED inside. (That was a joke.)

And there she be!

We dig the funky, stylized skull image on the side of the camera body. If my Polaroid in high school had a cool skull like that, I might not have looked like such a nerd. At least, that's the story I'm sticking with.

One final beauty shot of the newest tool in Java Post's camera tool box. Give us a call and let us put this RED RAVEN DRAGON 4.5K camera to work on your next project!

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