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Our Freefly ALTA UAV lands at Java Post

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Christmas came early to the Java Post Aerial Photography offices as our pilots Jack Tunnicliffe and Trevor Bennett recently unwrapped their latest aerial toy: our new Freefly ALTA UAV.

The Freefly ALTA UAV will join the other UAVs currently in use by Java Post, and will be paired with a new Gremsy gStabi H16 gimbal and new RED RAVEN camera.

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As they open up the shipping box, Jack (left) and Trevor are as giddy as schoolboys.

Hey, bonus! It's a bunch of those packing peanuts. Those aren't a pain in the butt to clean up at all. Mind you, they ARE biodegradable, so if we just leave them on the floor, they're bound to disappear into the carpet at some point, right?

Geez, c'mon guys. You'd think you were pulling the sword from the stone. (To be fair, it was packed in the box pretty tight.)

And there it is! The Freefly ALTA, all curled up in transport mode.

Okay, guys. Remember how this looks because, after you take it out of the case, you're going to have to be able to put it back just like this.

On a more business-like note, our new Freefly ALTA is extremely portable.

It's a very lightweight UAV, as well, which translates into more payload lift capability.

When in doubt, Trevor refers to the manual. Every UAV manufacturer and model has its own distinct set-up, operation, and maintenance quirks. Trevor's on-going quest is to know everything there is to know about each UAV, backwards and forwards. And possibly up. But not down. A downward quirk in an UAV is never a good thing.

We'll leave Trevor to finish setting up Java Post Aerial Photography's new Freefly ALTA UAV, and we'll post more images and footage at a later date. Have fun, Trevor!

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