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On the road with Java Post Aerial Photography - part 3 "The dirty details."

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The Java Post Aerial Photography UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle or "drone") gets to buzz happily through the air, hovering high  - well, a legally mandated 90 metres high, anyway - above the earth.

Meanwhile, however, our flight crew must stay down on the ground, getting stuck in the mud on a rural road in Saskatchewan.

The Java Post Aerial Photography crew had been out for a few days shooting some 4K Ultra HD video and high resolution still images to be used for a large industrial project. This involved travelling around on some rural roads, driving in and out of ditches, to get to our shooting locations.

And now it's time to show you some very dirty photos:

The steel-toed feet of our certified UAV pilot, Jack, caked with road mud. People sometimes ask Jack if he wears steel-toed boots to protect his feet in case the drone ever had an accident. Jack likes to answer, no, the steel-toed boots are for kicking our drone tech, Trevor, into the path of the rogue drone before it ever gets to Jack. (Just kidding!)

The front wheel of our Java Post Aerial Photography transport vehicle. It looks like it might also be doubling as a prairie soil collection device. If any more dirt gets stuck in there, that tire will have to be registered with the Provincial Land Titles Office.

So much for starting the shooting day with a nicely washed vehicle. When the mud gets this thick, you start wondering how much lifting power your drone might have.

Oh well, as guess as long as we're stuck here, we might as well get some aerial photography done. Just find a relatively dry spot in the stubble to put the landing pad.

It looks like Trevor has decided to just abandon the truck and walk home. Come back, Trevor! Or at least meet us back at the office in time to load up for tomorrow's shoot. Or your name will be mud.

To see some examples of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.

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